About Me

I am a Toronto-based digital content creator and personal style blogger and I launched DiorDiary in 2018 to capture how I style my days and design a life I love. My goal is to create a space where you can find ideas, beauty and inspiration for life’s everyday moments.

Style to me is an effortless extension of oneself – and it translates into everything one does.  And it is a very personal subject because it ties in with your beliefs and notions, your preferences, your sense of creativity and quite often your moods.  Someone once said “Always be the best-dressed person you know” and those words couldn’t be more true for me! My style is an eclectic mix of classic, timeless, investment pieces that can pull together any ensemble and also casual pieces collected from all over that help me stay true to my personality!

From bold looks, boho chic to sweet basics, hope you like what you see here and can take my ideas and tips to create your own signature style!

Why the name DiorDiary? Glad you asked. I think of this blog as a virtual and digital extension of my love for journaling and I always title each new entry in my journal with “Dear Diary” – and Dior happens to be my favourite fashion house of all time, hands down. This blog is my way of combining my love for Dior & journaling into what seemed like a befitting name and the perfect play on words.

If you are interested in collaborating, please get in touch at: aura@aurad.sg-host.com