Santa Monica & The Sunset Of Your Dreams – La La Land Series

Santa Monica & The Sunset Of Your Dreams – La La Land Series

Well hello again,

You know those days you feel that you need more than 24hrs in order to get s**t done? Well, I have been having one of those weeks. Actually, it’s been this way since the last 3 weeks. Life just got exponentially busier but every morning I wake up with vigour because I am trying to maximize every thing – my dreams, my relationship with the hubby, my career, my social relationships and all of these are things I am thoroughly enjoying but I haven’t had the chance to carve time out for “me.”

You see, my relationship with me is special. I loooove to take care of myself and pamper myself, but off late, I have been having a little too much fun with my food and not enough time on the treadmill. Same for my nightly skin routine (which I will be posting about soon!) – my potions and creams are feeling left out haha. Oh well, I know I will kick my butt into routine very soon but for now I am enjoying this slack! 🙂

I wanted to make a quick post today about our time in Santa Monica. Still continuing the LA series. Read the other posts here and here ) So, Santa Monica is not exactly separate from LA but it feels like it due to the atmosphere and the grid and the vibe! Think of it as the more elusive sister of Venice trying hard to be like Melrose Ave but not quite cutting it…does that make sense? (it kinda does in my mind lol)

BUT, the sunsets you see are one of the best you’ll see. Mostly because of the colourful lights fluttering out of Santa Monica Pier and it’s several frenzied shops amidst the mini amusement park that’s nestled right on the pier. From the bright burnt orange shades to the purple pink hues to the night’s blue moon kinda palette, you will see it all in the changing dusky sky.

We biked from Venice to here and spent the day wandering around on the streets, shopping and eating, before biking back to the pier. Bike rentals are not exactly cheap (unless you do the overnight rental) and the bikes take a second to get used to because they are cruiser style with wide handle bars but it’s so worth it!

Once back at the pier, in time for dusk, we took some shots. Hope you like ’em 🙂

Outfit Details: 

Romper: Independent boutique in Santa Monica (similar linked)

Heels: Christian Louboutin Kid Leather Cage Pumps (similar linked)

Sunglasses: Dior (linked)

Earrings: Blue tassel style bought from a small shop in Mykonos town (similar linked)

Cuff: Bought from Bittersweet Jewellery (similar linked)

Bracelet: David Yurman Le Petit Coeur 14K gold (linked)

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