A Review Of My Favourite Hair & Nail Salon – Her Majesty’s Pleasure

A Review Of My Favourite Hair & Nail Salon – Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Mondays used to not be my jam. But I decided this year to turn that sentiment around and be better prepared for the week by actually being productive on the weekend. I also figured I could take some of the blasé out of Mondays by doing something exciting. I launched this blog on a Monday, I go for make up or skincare shopping on Mondays, or we will go out to the movies on a Monday. And, I also usually schedule all my salon appointments on a…MONDAY!

One of my favourite salons in the city is Her Majesty’s Pleasure. I love them for their ambiance and efficiency! And the fact that they have a full cocktail bar (and some cold-pressed juices if you are into that) at the front and a mani/pedi area in the back + a blowdry bar.

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting together with your girlfriends, sipping a glass of Prosecco while someone ‘fusses over your tresses’! I try to get a blowout every week. I think good hair can really put you in a good mood and my hair holds curls really well so I can go a full 5 days without having to redo my hair (dry shampoo is a blessing on oily hair days or if I feel like my hair could use a bit of a lift and bounce, I use a quick volumizing spray just on the top section of the head!)

I like using luxurious and richly-scented products in my hair and Her Majesty’s Pleasure uses the full line of Davines products that smell good and are also made with gentle, natural ingredients.

The blowouts last anywhere from 45-60 minutes depending on the length of your hair. I also love their online booking system so you can schedule and cancel appointments without having to call them. They also offer express blowouts (no wash, just style), and updos. I usually see Shirin or George when I go there. Oh, and if you are going somewhere special, you can even opt in for a full face or eye makeup and come out looking fly!

Most evenings, if this beauty bar isn’t crazy busy, the mixologist comes around with a tray of beautiful cocktails and several toppings (one of them being cotton candy)! They can even whip you up a custom cocktail or a bartender’s choice if you ask. I am more of a Prosecco girl so I stick with that! Sometimes though, I opt for their chilled cucumber and mint water or a nice hot cup of tea depending on my mood.

Here’s some pics I took on my last visit there! If you are in Toronto, I recommend you gather around your girlfriends for a quick spa day in the city 🙂



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