Hello world!

Ah! It’s a great feeling to be writing this. This year has been about sweet new beginnings and bringing things to fruition. And what better day to start something new and beautiful than the first of a new month. And that too a month of amour <3

This blog has been in the making a long time and I am so happy to finally be able to publish my first post!

DiorDiary is my cherished creative outlet. This is a place where I wish to bring my style and creativity to the foreground in an eclectic mix that involves all things beautiful – whether it be in the way I dress for the day, or things I admire and covet or places I travel to. By doing so, I hope to inspire my readers’ to create and live a life they love. Along with outfits and style, I will also be sharing other parts of my life involving beauty, fitness, food and general musings.

I am a content creator and digital story-teller by day and I hope to leverage my learning here and create something of substance that you will enjoy coming back to and something that you can resonate with. I hope to remain authentic and true to my nature and along the way share bits and pieces of my life that I think you’ll find interesting.

So, without much ado, welcome, and I hope you stay a while 🙂



Content creator, blogger, social media maven & your friendly neighbourhood gal…sharing my life one outfit at a time!

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