How We Spent Valentine’s Day In The City

How We Spent Valentine’s Day In The City

Cheesy holidays, anyone? More baits for us to spend our hard-earned cash? Well, think of it however you want. I am a sucker for romanticism. And I love the idea that there is a special day to celebrate love.

I know people think that showing you love someone isn’t something that should be restricted to just 1 out of the 365 days. BUT, just as we honour the celebration of women’s day, father’s day and mother’s day, Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the expression of love and celebrating being in love! Plus, the whole sentiment of feeling special and making someone else feel special is sweet and thoughtful.

Valentine’s Day for my husband and I is literally about spending a day without distractions, relaxing and eating good food. It’s become sort of a yearly tradition that we go to a spa, followed by spending time with our puppy girl and then heading out for dinner! For the last 2 years, we have explored several spas in the city. My favourites (in this order are):

  1. The Ritz-Carlton – Spa My Blend by Clarins
  2. Shangri-La – Caudalie Hammam Spa
  3. The Spa at Four Seasons

We love the Ritz-Carlton spa because it is extremely spacious, the couple’s suite comes complete with a lounging bed and soaker tub and stand-up shower. There are private change rooms, men’s and women’s locker areas equipped with showers, a jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, and a co-ed area with a salt water lap pool, a hot tub and a sanctuary for relaxing after your massage as you sip on your bubbly and snack on dried cut apples, chocolate covered pretzels, carrot muffins and more. You also get plush robes, a private locker and slip-proof sandals upon arrival. In general, we just prefer the ambiance at Ritz vs. Shangri-La

So this year (and the last, actually) we chose to go to the Ritz for a couple’s massage. As always the experience was impeccable. The masseuse I saw was very good with her technique and the scalp massage at the end almost put me to sleep! We booked the signature couple’s treatment that comes with a 60 minute massage, body scrub, couple’s suite as shown below, 2 flutes of bubbly and access to all the water therapies.

After we came home and walked our puppy, we headed out to Cibo for dinner. Cibo truly is one of our fav spots in the city for Italian food. I love their polenta fries. Anyone else crazy about them? And OMG the gnocchi there is insanely good. It’s made fresh in house and the creamy gorgonzola sauce is so rich and delicious!

We also stopped by Akira at Bisha for some drinks at the bar. I was sort of disappointed I couldn’t eat there because they had the prix fixe Valentine’s Day menu which wasn’t very vegan or vegetarian friendly and the kitchen wasn’t prepared for any of the à la carte dishes due to it being so busy. And Joel was in the mood for some good Italian food so Cibo it was. But I definitely want to eat the Japanese cuisine they have at Akira because the menu looks amazing and the chef is Michelin-star rated!

Here’s some pictures of our evening! Hope you like them! 🙂

Ritz-Carlton Spa:

Akira at Bisha Hotel:



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